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Re invitation quotation call form for lenses

Quotation call form for Manual RNA Extraction Kit

Circular regarding Migration transfer for 2021 UG MBBS batch

Quotation Call form for Printing formats

Quotation call form for Bubble CPAP

Quotation call form for Surgical Bins

Quotation call form for Electrical items

Re invitation quotation for Medimix soap

Quotation call form for Medimix Soap or Equivalent

Quotation call form for Electrical Items

Quotation call form for EZ view lens

Quotation call form for G731 verepaie

Quotation call form for SpO2 Probes

Quotation call form for Haemoglobin Meter and 200 strips

Quotation call form for various Disposable Items

Quotation call form for Disposable Items

Re invitation quotation call form for medicine

Quotation Call Form for Hepatitis B Vaccine

Quotation Call form for Azithromycin Tab

Quotation for Bacilloacid Liguid & ET Tubes

Quotation for Eye drops and disposables

Quotation for Blood Bank Reagent Elisa Kits

Quotation for Eye Lenses

Quotation for condemned equipments disposal

Quotation for PG Chemicals

Quotation for Drugs

Quotation call form for supply of Suction Machine

Quotation call form for supply of Cautery Machine

Re-Invitation quotation for Dialysis items

Quotation for Nitrogen Cylinder

Invitation quotation for footwear stand

Quotation Call form for Monitor Stand

Quotation call form for Workshop consumables

Re invitation quotation for Laboratory centrifuge machine

Re invitation quotation for Semi automated ELISA

Re invitation quotation for Semi Automated Gel card machine

Re-Invitation quotation for SMF Batteries

Quotation Call form for Vaccutainers and Needles

Quotation call form for Lactogen 1 And Prenan Powder

Quotation call form for Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Quotation Invitation for dental laboratory equipment's

Quotation call form for Drugs (Medicines)

Quotation call form for Drugs

Quotation call form for Drugs (Anaesthesia)

Quotation call form for Chemical reagents and Consumables

Quotation call form for Chemicals

Quotation call form for Elisa Reagent Kits

Quotation call form for Biomedical Waste Management Foot Operated Bins(Buckets)

Quotation call form for Inj Tetanus Toxoid 1ml

Quotation call form for Surgery instruments

Quotation call form for Printing Formats

Quotation for Plumbing Materials

Quotation for Carpeting Materials

Quotation for Printing Formats

Quotation for ETP

Quotation for Lactogen

Drugs Quotation

Drugs Quotation-1

Anaesthesia Drugs Quotation

Quotation for Chemicals & Glasswares

Quotation for Cartridges

Quotation for L-3 Colour Case Sheets

Quotation for Tab Abacavir 600 mg /Lamivudine 300mg

Quotation for Tab Tenofovir 300 mg / Lamivudine 300mg

Quotation for Tab Lamivudine 100mg

Exhibition for purchasing books for the year 2022-23

Quotation for Tablets

Quotation for Aluminium works

Quotation for CAMC

Quotation for Bath Soap and Packing Cover

Quotation for Sanitary Materials

Quotation for Electrical Materials

Quotation for Radiology Dept materials

Quotation for Narcotic Drugs

Quotation for Disposable Items

Quotation for Vehicle Hire

Quotation for Tree Cutting Machine

Quotation for Ophthalmic OT Table

Quotation for NIV mask & Ventilator circuit to MICU-1

Quotation for single syringe High Pressure

Quotation for DRUGS

Quotation for Carpenting

Quotation for Plumbing

Invitation for quotation for NSK handpiece for Micro motor of ENT Dept BIMS Belagavi

Invitation for quotation for providing & fixing of door scrub station to OBG dept BIMS Belagavi

Invitation for automation for supply of semi automatics vertical auto clave machine to BIMS Hospital Belagavi

Quotation for Providing & Installation electric power cable to Old MICU Building

Quotation for Consultation & Maintenance of 1000 KLD sewage treatment plant at BIMS Hospital Belagavi



Quotation for carpentry materials

Quotation for plumbing material

Quotation for Emergency Casualty Board with Light

Quotation for Dental Consumables

Quotation for Tab Aspirin 75mg

Quotation for Restorative Materials

Quotation Hepatitis B Vaccine

Quotation for supply of rechargeable Battery

Quotation for Purchase of Forms & Registers

Quotation for supply of Laboratory Equipments

Quotation for plumbing material

Quotation for carpentry materials

Quotation for supply of spares to BIMS Hospital Belagavi

Quotation for Workshop Tools

Quotation for SpO2 Neonatal Probes

Quotation for Flow Meter Energy Meter NVR bolts

Quotation for Washing Items

Quotation for Emergency Casualty Board with Light

Quotation for Stationery Items

Quotation for Cartridges

Re-quotation for Biometric Devices

Quotation for Purchase of New Aadhar Based Biometric Devices at BIMS Belagavi

Admission Formats for UG 2022

Bond format for UG

Admission Formats for PG 2022

Bond Format for PG

Quotation for supply of various items to ENT Department BIMS

Quotation for supply of spares

Quotation for Cautery Machine

Supply of New Battery and Invertor for Vehicle

Quotation for supply and Installation of 240sqmm UG Power supply cable for Boys Hostel

Requotation for 06 CCTV Cameras for NMC

Quotation for 40 KVA Online UPS

Quotation for Antivirus

Quotation for 06 CCTV Cameras

Cancellation of Preliminary Scrutiny Committee

OM of Constitution of Preliminary Scrutiny Committee of DOCS

Quotation for Printing Items

Quotation for Box file and Chalk Pieces

Quotation for Canteen Items

Quotation for Magzine

Quotation for Kitchen Items (Boys Hostel)

Quotation for Kitchen Items (Girls Hostel)

Quotation for ETP Plant Materials

Quotation for Linen Tools and Spares

Quotation call form for Cable Connectivity

Quotation call form for Repair of LAN Network & CCTV Cameras

Quotation call form for IP CCTV Cameras at BIMS Belagavi-2

Quotation call for IP CCTV Cameras

Quotation call form for TV Cable Connection in BIMS Belagavi

Vehicle on Hire at BIMS Belagavi

Quotation call form for Various Cartridges

Interview Notification

Notification of BIMS Belagavi of Various Posts

Application form for Various Posts at BIMS Belagavi

Quotation for Desktop Printer and Electronics Items

Quotation Call form for Asset Management Software

requoatation for Rechargeable Emergency Lamp

requoatation for Doctor Lab Coat

requoatation for extinguisher pressurized powder type

requoatation for linen tools and spares

Quotation for I T Materials

Application for the Post of Director BIMS Belagavi

Recruitment Notification for the Post of Director BIMS Belagavi

Quotation No 82

Quotation No 80

Quotation for Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Quotation for Rechargeable Emergency Lamp

Quotation call form Extinguisher Power Type

Quotation for Doctor Lab Coat

Quotation for Branded LED TV

Quotation for Sony Handycam for BIMS Belagavi

Quotation for Tool Kits and Other

Re quotation for Toilet Brush Wet floor mop and other items

Re quotation for White Board Magnetic White Board and other Items

Quotation for I T Equipments

Quotation for Lenin Spares & Tools

Quotation for Tools & Spares

BSc Nursing fund

Quotation for Purchase of Stationery Items to BIMS Belagavi

Quotation of ETP PLANT

Quotation of Acrylic Jar

Quotation of Aqua-guard

Quotation for white container of bio-medical waste Dustbin

Quotation for vacutainer Holding box and Complaint box and Footwear stand

Quotation for blood group labels

Quotation for Vacutainer holding Box complaint box and Footwear Stand

Quotation for BIMS Kitchen Items

Quotation for Aquaguard RO

Quotation for Electric items

Last date for application for Asst. Professor mentioned in notification BIMS/EST(1)/92/2022-23, Dated: 07/05/2022 is Extended up-to 17/05/2022 up-to 05:00 PM IST.

Quotations for electric items

Quotations for BIMS kitchen Items

Quotation for the Cartridge

Water purifier Quotation

Quotation for CA firm

Manual Disposal Tender Booklet

Laerdal Quotation

C & R Rules And Bylaw

Quotation for Creche Materials

Hostel Fund Electrical Quotation

HRA Fund Electrical Quotation

Creche Materials Quotation

IPD Facilities Quotation

n95 mask and Gloves quotation

Requirement of Staff for 24/7 Covid Helpline Service at BIMS Hospital Belagavi

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